Our mission:
Go Action! Go Change! can change the world

We provide a profitable plan for companies in seed stage trying to change the world.

We commit ourselves to change the world by building our own business.

Our vision:
No.1 Incubator in Asia

Our History:
In accordance with the eight Codes Conduct based on the pure Sumrai spirit,we believe that our mission "Go Action!Go Change!"can bring about global change.Our company name is derived from the passion to convey our mission.

Eight Codes of Conduct:


Be consistently sincere not only internally, but also externally.

To express this, consider the proverb of two teams dealing with a project.
One team focused on speed as a method to obtain the objectives, an ambition which caused
difficult problems for their colleagues and business partners.
The other team consistently maintained a polite attitude toward everyone, and aimed at achieving
success together, as a team, for the good of the project.
The second team, led by Samurai, achieved the superior result.
Samurai knows that in the long run, the lack of integrity bares no fruit.