Kentaro Sakakibara

Kentaro Sakakibara is the founder and CEO. His venture supporting career began in 2000 at VOYAGE GROUP, formerly He held a variety of positions, including the foundation of a sales department, the development of marketing and promotional strategy, and product development in the initial stages of Prior to founding Samurai Incubate, Kentaro was also responsible for marketing strategies for a telecommunication company and a beverage company. After restructuring the sales department and founding a branch at, Kentaro founded Samurai Incubate in 2008. Currently, four Samurai Incubate Funds are managed by Samurai Incubate, and he assumes the responsibility of the funds, and has invested in more than 70 companies, as well as serving on the Board of Directors.

Yoshiyuki Togashi

Yoshiyuki Togashi is a project manager. In charge of creating opportunity to lead Japanese giant company and a start-up in a hackathon and accelerator, and try for the problem solution in both companies.So far he worked at Yamagata product company, a web media company, and a advertising agency. In the advertising agency, including various promotions, engaged in a wide range of business such as TVPR, design, and production. In 2016, he joined Samurai Incubate. Niigata University Bachelor of Economics.

Takuma Terakubo

Takuma Terakubo is an event organizer.He started his carrer as an intern and assumes responsibility for planning and operating Samurai Startup Island meet-up events with Shota. Prior to joining Samurai Incubate, he gained experience concerning the structure and business model of micro finance services in Grameen Bank, Bangladesh, and engaged himself in studies of methods used by foreign companies aimed at expanding their social business in field work. He is in charge of a CSR project that has continually contributed 1% of the company’s profits to orphan asylums and Non-Profit Organization. Takuma is currently pursuing his education at Tokyo Keizai University

Shunsuke Matsubara

Shunsuke Matsubara is an event organizer.He is in charge of planning and management of events at Samurai Startup Island. After graduated from Meiji university, he joined Samurai Incubate as a new graduate in 2016.

Yuko Osakaya

Yuko Osakaya is an accounting staff. Yuko undertook an accounting position in Samurai Incubate after leaving her previous job to give birth to her child. Prior to joining Samurai Incubate, she gained experience in various audit responsibilities for domestic companies in Ernst & Young.

Natsuki Adachi

Natsuki Adachi is a director of system development and spent 7 years designing and developing various business systems as SE. She joined Samurai incubate in 2016 while working flexibly for taking care of her child. Computer Science from Tokyo University of Technology.

Shirley Binder

Shirley Binder joined Samurai Incubate Inc. as Legal and Business Manager and she is based in Samurai House in Israel. Prior to joining Samurai Incubate Inc., Shirley worked in Stier Group Ltd., a company that specializes in planning, producing, marketing and managing trade shows and professional conferences in Israel. Shirley also worked as an intern at Naschitz, Brandes, Amir Law firm, which is one of the leading law firms in Israel. Shirley has a bachelor degree in law (LL.B) and she is a certified lawyer and a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Kyoko Katsumi

Kyoko Katsumi is a community manager of Samurai Startup Island. She experienced the back office in the startup company after engagement for establishment of a business support and the administration of incubation facilities. She joined samurai incubated in 2016.